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Your brand clothing provider

Our operating principle

We improve our customers' company image by improving the procurement process of their professional uniforms and business gifts. We recognise our customers' needs and offer the best solutions from our carefully selected product range. Well-known and high quality brands provide quality and the functionality of the uniforms. Close interaction with our customers enables continuous development of our service and professionalism, ensuring quality services to our customers.

We believe that work is fun!

We believe that a friendly and positive atmosphere combined with firm professionalism is transmitted to our customers as good service. Our operating model is based on trouble-free co-operation with our customers, also taking into account any changing needs of our customer companies. For us, it is important that our customers receive the products they have ordered at the agreed time and price.

In short, our values ​​are: Happy customer, reliability, pleasure of working and flexibility.

Your brand clothing provider

We believe that the most important brand is, of course, our customer company's logo. Suomen Brodeeraus's own professional production carries out the labelling of products either by embroidery or by printing. The idea of our brand thinking is to also offer our customers a comprehensive range of industry-leading branded products.

Our range consists of top casual and representative clothing brands, such as: Craft, DAD, Grizzly, A-Code, Southwest, Clique, Harvest, Atlantis, Caterpillar, etc.

Our workwear brands include, for example, Fristads Kansas, Dimex, Hejco, Sievi and Jalas. We take great care that our customers always receive the best and most suitable products for their specific needs.

We constantly follow the development in the industry, and as a brand clothing provider, we take care that our customers always have the industry's best brands and the latest novelties available. Our close collaboration with various factories guarantees that we can also implement our customer companies' specific needs by, for example, manufacturing the products in the company's own pms colours and designs. Our comprehensive service also covers business gifts, which we can design and implement according to our customer company's wishes.

Suomen Brodeeraus as a company

Suomen Brodeeraus has more than 3,500 different-sized corporate customers that operate in a broad range of industries around Finland. Out of these excellent companies and organisations, the following can be mentioned, for example, Vapo, Stark, Protacon, Ajo Motorsport, Valtra, City of Jyväskylä, Tarmo Lähikauppias chain, Tommi Mäkinen Racing, Honka, KVL-tekniikka, advertising agency Irokeesi, many sports clubs, etc.

The company is AA credit scored, and belongs to the Finland's Strongest list of companies.

The company was founded in 2008. In a short period of time, Suomen Brodeeraus has grown from a 2-person garage workshop to a growth company, which employs almost 20 people, to which store and staff you are warmly welcome to get to know any time.

In 2015, Suomen Brodeeraus's net sales amounted to almost 1.7 million euros and the profit before appropriations and taxes about 10% (2014 net sales was approximately 1.4 million euros, profit 7.3% and 2013 net sales amounted to 1.2 million euros, profit 9.3%).  Our goal is to continue to grow vigorously in the future.

Although the company is relatively young, its roots go back much farther. Suomen Brodeeraus acquired the company MHR-Työasu in the spring of 2014, which was founded in 1987. Suomen Brodeeraus's founder, principal owner and CEO, Janne Perälä, has a motorsport background. He founded Perälä Rally Team in 1998, and at the time through his profession, he was able to familiarise in the representative clothing business in the role of a customer. At the same time, he formed a strong understanding of how a business focused on representative clothing and work wear should be managed.

Suomen Brodeeraus's policies have developed on this basis and satisfied customers have proved that we are on the right track.


And the journey continues...