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Elomatic in brief:

Elomatic offers consulting, design, product development and project management services, as well as products and overall solutions for industrial enterprises and public sector organisations. Our business has been going on for more than 45 years, during which time we have accumulated solid experience in investment projects of various industries.

Our team of nearly 800 experts serves our customers globally. We have offices in Finland, Poland, the Netherlands, India, China, Serbia, Russia, Italy and the United Arab Emirates.

Comment on cooperation:

"Cooperation with Suomen Brodeeraus has worked well. Our staff have been able to flexibly visit Suomen Brodeeraus's store to try on clothing and footwear, and the ordered products, clothes and shoes have been delivered directly in a customer-friendly manner to our offices. The printings, embroideries, as well as the necessary sewing work have also been arranged professionally and smoothly through Suomen Brodeeraus."


Tana in brief:

Tana is one of the world's leading manufacturer's of solid waste processing equipment. The product family consists of waste compactors, waste shredders, rotary screens and chippers. About 95 % of net sales comes from exports. Tana's development of technology and services is based on first class design expertise, which applies customer feedback. The products are, in principle, designed for their intended use, simple, strong-structured and smart. With Tana's products, customers can streamline their operations and improve productivity by at least ten per cent. Hundreds of Tanas are in operation on every continent, from the Arctic Circle to Cape Town and from New Zealand to Canada. Tana is a pioneer in the application of industrial internet in mobile machinery."   

Cooperation with Suomen Brodeeraus:

"As a pioneer in our own industry, we want our partners to be leading players in their own respective fields. Suomen Brodeeraus is definitely one of them. The products are of good quality and the service is first class. Customers are taken good care of and needs are anticipated on behalf of the customer. Instead of individual products, Suomen Brodeeraus provides us with a comprehensive package to strengthen customer relationships at a reasonable price. We are very satisfied with the cooperation."